I'm jonadrian619 from Philippines. As a Warcraft III map-maker for over 4 years now, I have created a variety of maps, and faced the challenges and trials I have gone through just to release them to the known public. When any of my important projects are completed, they are also destined to be placed in this little consortium. As I make more discoveries and gain more knowledge in modding, there will be guides for modding that I will post in the future. For the pinoys, DotA is really not the best medicine nor the best source of entertainment, it is not the only Warcraft III map which is good for you, that's why na parang nakakasuya na ano? Ibahin n'yo naman. Try out other maps as well, including mine too! Over time, I'll also add new features and new content to further increase the overall look and function of the site. I hope you'll enjoy wandering around the site today. Until then, good luck and have fun!

My Released Maps and Projects

jonadrian619's Playable Maps and Projects



  • None yet...

Maps and Projects I'm currently working on


  • Not much maps I'll be working on at this point of the year. This time I'm focusing on just improving Tropical Assault, quality is more important than quantity. Before the end of August and v1.5's release for Tropical Assault, I will resume development for Wolfgang CTF.


This is the official archive for all of my released maps and projects. These maps had a very long development time because of concentration at school, which was important. Some maps were based from other people's map layout, with permission from the author. Those were the days when I started designing maps.

This year I'm endeavouring to make a dozen Warcraft III maps that will have to be great and high-quality since I know the fact that Starcraft II will overshadow Warcraft III with it's graphics and it's map editor.

All of my maps will be compiled here. The latest map has a Bold font and is at the bottom of the list. Keep in mind that some of my maps and projects are still on beta development or they have stopped development.

I also care about putting my maps and projects I'm currently making in this list, so that you can get a peek of what's going on and what I'll do in the future.

If you want to download a map, please click on one of the maps and them find the version you want in the Available Versions area of each map. I recommend you guys to download the latest version of that map to maximize the fun!



Mark Shears said...

Hi Jian.

What player can I use to play the map once it has downloaded to my desktop? Is it available for Mac?

Also, only "Life In A City" is linked - the other "Castle Wars" links to the "Life In A City" map.

Great site. I am looking forward to previewing the map you built.


FhelZone said...

You will need Wrcraft III to play with the map.

Mark Shears said...

Hi 'fhelzone'!

OK, thanks for the info :) much appreciated.


Jon Adrian said...

Ant Attack v1.0 is released!!

I'm ok at home right now, doing good at my studies.

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