I'm jonadrian619 from Philippines. As a Warcraft III map-maker for over 4 years now, I have created a variety of maps, and faced the challenges and trials I have gone through just to release them to the known public. When any of my important projects are completed, they are also destined to be placed in this little consortium. As I make more discoveries and gain more knowledge in modding, there will be guides for modding that I will post in the future. For the pinoys, DotA is really not the best medicine nor the best source of entertainment, it is not the only Warcraft III map which is good for you, that's why na parang nakakasuya na ano? Ibahin n'yo naman. Try out other maps as well, including mine too! Over time, I'll also add new features and new content to further increase the overall look and function of the site. I hope you'll enjoy wandering around the site today. Until then, good luck and have fun!

Demo Maps

jonadrian619's Demonstration Maps for Warcraft III map-making.

jonadrian619's Leaderboard Demo - 27.9 KB
Here you will learn how to make a simple Leaderboard in the Warcraft III Orignal and Expansion World Editor.

jonadrian619's Creep Respawn Demo - 25.4 KB
Here you will learn how to create a Creep Respawn system in GUI. This system revives fallen creeps after a period of time.

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