I'm jonadrian619 from Philippines. As a Warcraft III map-maker for over 4 years now, I have created a variety of maps, and faced the challenges and trials I have gone through just to release them to the known public. When any of my important projects are completed, they are also destined to be placed in this little consortium. As I make more discoveries and gain more knowledge in modding, there will be guides for modding that I will post in the future. For the pinoys, DotA is really not the best medicine nor the best source of entertainment, it is not the only Warcraft III map which is good for you, that's why na parang nakakasuya na ano? Ibahin n'yo naman. Try out other maps as well, including mine too! Over time, I'll also add new features and new content to further increase the overall look and function of the site. I hope you'll enjoy wandering around the site today. Until then, good luck and have fun!

Site Map

If you're having any trouble navigating the site or need to download resources or know the places of great interest here, this is a list of the important sections in the Modding Hub which will help you to navigate through the site:

My Maps and Projects
This is the main section where you find the projects I have created. It can be any map or project, be it a Warcraft III map, Dune 2 map, a mod project, or anything that I have made that has been exhibited in this section.

About Modding
It contains an ethical guideline related to modding. It's not really a step-by-step tutorial but one that will help you out and keep track of what modding is all about. Here you will be introduced to any kind of modding for a variety of games.

Project 08-08-08
An annual event, a date where the Beijing Olympics begins, and a Warcraft III map-making project where I will create a batch of four maps. The project will end after the olympics anyway.

Demonstration Maps
This is a useful section which contains Warcraft III mapfiles which demonstrates the capabilities of the Warcraft III World Editor. Demo maps for games other than Warcraft III will also be put in this section if I manage to make one for a different game.

This is basically an archive of Polls that were created in the Modding Hub, or in other websites, in which those polls are linked to this site. The current Poll is at the left sidebar just at the bottom of the Main Menu. There are times that there will be multiple polls at a time to survey visitors, and unfortunately, Blogger only allows one poll at a time. These are offsite polls that are linked to the Modding Hub.

The Modshack
A Philippines minicity (in for the Modding Hub.

  • Increase Population
  • Increase Industry
  • Increase Security (Not Enough Population)
  • Improve Transportation Network (Not Enough Population)
  • Improve Environment (Not Enough Population)
  • Improve Business (Not Enough Population)

The Sands of Time (TSoT)
A Total Conversion which involves the creation of a 3D Dune 2 game using the Wc3 engine.

News Archive
This is the official news archive for The Modding Hub. All news items and posts will be listed here in chronological order in case you haven't read the old posts yet.

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