I'm jonadrian619 from Philippines. As a Warcraft III map-maker for over 4 years now, I have created a variety of maps, and faced the challenges and trials I have gone through just to release them to the known public. When any of my important projects are completed, they are also destined to be placed in this little consortium. As I make more discoveries and gain more knowledge in modding, there will be guides for modding that I will post in the future. For the pinoys, DotA is really not the best medicine nor the best source of entertainment, it is not the only Warcraft III map which is good for you, that's why na parang nakakasuya na ano? Ibahin n'yo naman. Try out other maps as well, including mine too! Over time, I'll also add new features and new content to further increase the overall look and function of the site. I hope you'll enjoy wandering around the site today. Until then, good luck and have fun!

News: Project 08-08-08 Swap

As you can see Project 08-08-08 didn't receive any necessary updates. Well, here are the updates:

I found out that The Best Catch takes too long to actually release the map and finish it's major components such as triggers, terrain and it's main features before August 8. So I have decided that I swap TBC with two fast-paced maps, Insurrection and Wolfgang CTF. But don't worry, TBC will start development after Project 08-08-08.

Insurrection is a map which I have created for The Hive Workshop's Paired Mapping Contest #1 with Diablo-dk as my parter but I haven't succeeded in submitting my entry. Fortunately I have attached this map in THW's pastebin a long time ago so that in case my laptop goes haywire I could claim the map again. The only thing I need to do for Insurrection is to balance attributes and add some heroes for the remaining 3 races.

Wolfgang CTF is a team-based Capture the Flag (CTF) map with unique features not found in any other CTF. The title may be related to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, the Philippine metal band Wolfgang or the chef Wolfgang Puck, but in fact I combined Wolf and gang which simply means a mob of wolves.

Thanks, and good luck!

News: Some personals, and updates.

Well I've not completely started development of my latest map yet, but I have proposed to create a blog which contains all of my poems and writings, still using Blogger because it's quite versatile. I've been writing a few poems these days and I'm glad that I could show it all to you guys in the next blog.

Then I saw an awesome website named Manga University. It's a website where you learn how to draw anime/manga from the ground up, and supports online enrollment for manga lessons and art supplies (though I'll not do that, I'm looking forward to read the online tutorials there for free). They also have the How to draw Manga series of books from which you can learn how to draw anime even better, I hope I could read it someday. I always practice drawing manga/anime everyday between 10:00 and 12:00 at the night, the time where I fix my stuff for tomorrow's schooling. I'm good (not that good, but I draw often) at drawing but I like manga/anime better since I like it and love it, it suits my personality. Then my drumming, and more.

Besides that, I'll start planning on the development of my map, because August 8 is two months away! I'll be developing a batch of maps before 2009 begins and it will be the biggest map-making endeavour I've ever made.

For TSoT (The Sands of Time), I've got 2 modelers but I asked them to take a break first and do modelling next year.


Scourge and Wars

Status: Finished
Release Date: May 5, 2008
Total No. of Versions: 1
Available Versions:

While I'm planning for my next major project, The Best Catch, I got a little bored and decided to create a fast-paced map named Scourge and Wars, a map involving a battle between two undead forces. I created this map within an approximate total of 8 hours.

Use your undead army to crush the forces of your opponents. Destroy the opponent's Crypts to win.

Units are automatically trained even after researching an upgrade, but you can't stop training the units in your Crypt.

You can choose any undead hero in an Altar of Darkness, but you may only have one hero and only the hero you have first chosen.

Inspired by Anitarf's Old School Alliance Tactics (though I made this from scratch, credit goes to anitarf for the Build Queue Cleanup trigger).

If you find any bugs then please tell me and I'll fix it on the double. The map's 4-player gameplay stays the same due to it's size.

Map is open source to make it 'educational', you can be able to use the triggers.


Thank you. Enjoy!

News: New Navigation Bar Buttons

As you can see, there are new buttons in the navigation bar. I've designed them yesterday and I did this to make my website more interesting and possibly to gain site traffic.

I've made more than a dozen improvements for this blog, and I'm looking forward to convert this blog into a full-scale website/modsite at the end of the year before the Modding Hub's 1st anniversary.

I'm working on a new banner image for The Modding Hub, this time more interesting and attractive for modders and gamers alike.

Coming Soon: New Banner Image!


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