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Ant Attack

Ant Attack
Status: Currently in Development
Release Date: February 17 2008
Total No. of Versions: 2
Available Versions: v1.0, v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 Latest Version Download

Basic Information:
A simple multiplayer insect battle to determine who's the best ant colony in the battlefield. Bolster the ranks of your army by hatching a variety of ants of different types and purposes for a wide range of battle tactics. Upgrade your army's potential and strength, then destroy and outsmart your opponents.

Gameplay Summary:
1) Basics

Each player has the following starting units:
  • 1 Ant Hive
  • 1 Blood Pool (as a source of funds)
  • 3 Eggs (the Ant Hive reproduces eggs)
  • 2 Worker Ants (which are harvesters for resources)
  • 1 Ant General
The Ant General is a Hero, and as such, has 4 unique skills and this ant can buy consumables from the Den of Treasures in a team's base.

Eggs can hatch into a variety of units, in this case 10 units. You can also use your Ant Hive to select unhatched eggs for a good reason. If you know how the Zerg in SC produces units, then you know this concept already.

When you kill enemy units or harvest lumber, it will part of the Miscellaneous Resources and it is automatically converted into gold (or blood in the map).

I also incorporated most of the elements of Zerg gameplay in SC to this map, to make it feel more 'alien' or buggy sort of thing (not bugs as software flaws, but as insects!).

2) Game Types
Ant Attack provides players with three game types to choose from, each with a different objective. The Host Player (Red) selects the desired game type for a single game, then selects a choice for other kinds of stuff in each game type (e.g. Points needed to win, number of Kills needed).

Here is a description of each game type used in Ant Attack:

Capture the Flag - Take the other team's flag from their base and take it to your base to score. The team who reaches the desired amount of points, first, wins.

Hive Defense - This is the game type for fast-paced games. Simply destroy each enemy player's Ant Hives and achieve victory.

Killing Spree - Kill as many units (including Creeps, but not your own allies' units) as you can to reach the desired amount of points to win.

The Host Player may choose any amount of points desired for players to achieve victory, with the exception of Hive Defense. The Host can also select lower values for fast-paced games.

3) The 'Qwerty' Hotkey System
Ant Attack has a QWERTY hotkey system so that the player could easily train units in an efficient manner. There are 10 units for players to hatch, and so there are 10 keys for this system ; q, w, e, r, t, y, u, i, o, p.
Units are arranged according to how advanced/powerful they are, with Q as the hotkey for the Antling, while the hotkey P is used for the most powerful unit, the Antlion.


Change Log
*By now, the map's main features should be 'fully' playable enough, and most noticeable bugs have been squished during a 'thorough' testing of the map 'cause I'm busy with so many maps to come for Project 08-08-08. Some bugs or flaws might still be expected, but for now, play the map with your friends and have fun!! You may even host it in it you want to..
- Fixed many bugs in the CTF game type such as
- The CTF Score Selection Dialog's title is "Killing Spree Maximum Kills", that's now fixed.
- When a player takes the enemy flag to his/her base, the flag is still in the inventory and thus is used to cheat the other team.
- When a player takes the enemy flag and returns it to base, the Score of the player shows up as a square instead of an integer value.
- The team's score is not shown beside the West/East Colony items in the Leaderboard.- A glitch now fixed with proper coding. Defeated players no longer renew their eggs (Especially Hive Defense). What use do the dead have for gold?
- Fixed the title of version 1.2 showing up 1.1. That's not related to v1.3 but it is still vital since I'll attach the map files soon to other places.
- Fixed a Hive Defense bug where if all the other team's Hives were lost, they did not win or the victory triggers didn't work due to a flaw.
- Unit Control amongst unused/used players is now removed from the game.- Increased the mana regeneration rate and mana of the Ant General.
- Fixed a text bug in the Killing Spree game mode and also in CTF where the intro text shows up 'The Ant Attack is about..' instead of the complete introductory text.

- Added a Creep Respawn System.
- Fixed a bug where the Parasite Tube does not cast parasite.
- Fixed a bug where the Antlion loses all mana after burrowing. and loses its mana regeneration.
- Changed the model used for the flag.
- Creep Item Dropping is now added:
- Lesser creeps drop basic consumables, but there will be a chance that no item will drop.
- Powerful creeps drop high-quality consumables, but there will be a chance that no item will drop.
- There will be a small chance that the Ant Behemoth will drop a unique item upon death!!
- Added the Attribute Bonus ability to Ant General.
- Added the Dismember ability to the Antlion.
- Set the maximum hero level from 30, to 35 in v1.2.

*The reason why I released Ant Attack earlier was because to get some attention and allow testers to test out my map, so it had alot of bugs and flaws.
- Removed the gold bounty in some units when a player kills them.
- Replaced the Fireant's Immolation Attack into a 'String of Fire' ability because of a weird ability bug.
- Balanced statistics for the Ant General.
- Removed the Magic Sentry ability from the Tentacle Guardian.
- Fixed a bug where the effects of Parasite last forever.
- Full shared unit control among unused players is now enabled.
- Made the flags in CTF invulnerable to attacks, which is another bugfix.
- Made the Circles of power unselectable.
- Fixed some item bugs.
- Slightly improved terrain.
- Fixed a bad glitch in v1.0 where starting gold becomes 111100. I forgot to set it by 300.
- Fixed an upgrade bug where the requirement for Plague Carrier Adept Training shows up as 'Default string'.
- Fixed an Alpha Channel bug in the progressbar border used in the Unit Queue.
- Added the CSCache engine in this map.
- Changed the Static Field skill for the Ant General, into a new Plague Wave spell.

- First Release.

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Very very cool! I really like the graphics in this game - you did a really good job. Can't wait for V1.2!!

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